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We are a professional landscape company that designs, installs, and provides landscape services for residential and commercial properties in the North Richland Hills. We have a professionally trained team of talented contractors, who specializes in original, creative landscape design architecture. We can renovate an existing area or start from scratch.  We love to ask our clients to share with us what they envision for their landscape and we will help bring it to reality. If you’d like for us to come to your property and discuss the options, give us a call, and let’s schedule an appointment.


From beginning to end, we will always keep you updated with the progress, from designing the layout to picking the materials then finally the installation, you can be assured that we will keep you on the same page. By using today’s advanced design software, North Richland Hills Landscape will design a landscape plan to scale your area, so you can easily see the result once the installation is all done. This also enables you to see where the hardscapes and softscapes are located. The layout will be provided to you within your budget plan and with your approval proceed with purchasing materials than installing them. The head of the project team will discuss all details including future maintenance prior to any final agreement so you’ll get a picture of what needed to be done to keep it looking new.


Landscape installation can be quite a complicated job. An error in installation can ruin your plan and usually end you with no second chances. North Richland Hills Landscape ensures that our designs are installed with the highest level of workmanship so your landscape will look beautiful and last long.


By taking the time and giving North Richland Hills Landscaping a landscape plan, discuss the details, and have a professional team provide the installation services, you will leave no regrets about having us do your landscaping projects for you!


Landscaping Services

Want to Know How We Can Help You?

Our Step-By-Step Process

Having our team handle your landscaping projects for you, we never want you to left out of track or left out, that is why we always ensure that you are well informed with what we plan to do and even give you a walk-trough so you could understand the process we will be taking to give you the best landscape you’ll ever see. 


Upon your authorization of the initial design and the budget strategy, North Richland Hills Landscape will start the setup without requiring any type of downpayment. We believe that a good outcome will result in a satisfied customer and also a customer that is happy to pay up for a service that is worth it. Throughout the time that you have our team with you, we will make sure that we won’t need your supervision to achieve what you want. We work well with clients who put their trust in us.


North Richland Hills Landscape will also investigate any other home problems you may be experiencing and fix them for you. We do not like to leave a project without making sure that everything is all working out well. We provide simple maintenance advice so you could easily keep everything in good shape.


Work With An Insured And Licensed Landscaping Company

As happy partners of NALP (The National Association of Landscape Professionals) and also the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA), North Richland Hills Landscape uses the experience as well as professional devices to make sure that the ideal appeal of your landscape is achieved.


If you’re planning on having to add a couple of plants and flowers around your area without conceptualizing a plan, you might want to rethink that because you might just regret it after. Sure it is an easy job for professionals in the landscaping industry but might just be a hard job for you.  If you are having a hard time coming up with a landscaping design, there’s no need to worry because the specialists at North Richland  Hills Landscaping can help you. 


We have been operating this business for years, and have mastered the skills and knowledge to come up with an original landscape design that will transform your properties. There are so many services that we can offer, softscape and hardscape installation and maintenance, we offer services to keep your landscape looking as updated as possible, from dirt and fill work, you can depend on us for all the landscaping services you need in North Richland Hills, TX.

Even if you’re not too sure of what you wish to add or fix, our team of professionals will give you home improvement advice that you might just need. We do not quit until you have a backyard that you can enjoy, and also we can offer you a lot more benefits than other landscaping companies.


We are an accredited company and are extensively educated to guarantee you a service that satisfies your needs and also surpasses your expectations. We understand the Give us a call so we could provide you all a free quote for making your area look more beautiful than your neighbors.


Your Landscaping Dream Starts with Us...

What Makes Us Different From Other Landscaping Contractors

Our customers trust us to supply top quality landscape designs as well as yard treatment. We follow a straightforward and detailed service by keeping in mind our mantra which is “C.A.R.E.”, that stands for: Customers, Attitude, Respect, and Enjoy life while in the process! These worths continue to be constant throughout every one of our staff across the country areas. This makes us different from existing landscaping companies.

Clean and Recognizable Lorries — Our group will c show up in an easy-to-recognize North Richland Hills Landscaping Lorry, with complete tools for the job. 

Uses Safety Guaranteed Tools — All the tools that we will be using starting from the basic to the most complex to use, we test it before heading to your place so we can ensure a service with no delay.

Uniformed Contractors — We take professionalism and trust seriously. We won’t appear in messy white T-shirts but in well-protected uniformed fitted for the job.

Time Efficient Service Provider  — We know just how active your schedule can be, which is why we intend to get to your location on time and finish the job on schedule.

Never Compromise Quality — Even with our fast work approach, we never compromise the quality of the service that we offer to our customers. Rest assured that we will always keep your satisfaction in mind.

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